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Rosie’s Week

In the last week, Rosie hosted a Meet your MP event in Barham, visited the Canterbury & District Early Years Project, and met with the Canterbury Alzheimer’s user involvement group.


15th September – Meet your MP event in Barham

Rosie has recently been holding a new style of event, where constituents are encouraged to meet her in a relaxed, informal environment. The most recent event was held in Barham Village Hall. Rosie was pleased to welcome many Barham residents, who shared their concerns on both local and national issues.  She was also pleased to receive lots of invitations to some exciting local events, which she looks forward to attending. Keep your eyes peeled for similar events around the constituency soon.


18th September – Rosie meets Alzheimer’s Canterbury User Involvement Group

Also this week, Rosie met with Canterbury Pilgrims; a group of local people who suffer with dementia, and gather to discuss their experiences with the condition. The Pilgrims are a Service User Group, who by discussing their lived experience, are able to provide invaluable feedback to organisations such as Alzheimer’s Society and therefore shape the kind of support that dementia sufferers receive. Given the estimated 2,000 people living with dementia in Canterbury, Rosie was delighted to learn about how the Pilgrims are making a real difference.


18th September – Visit to Canterbury & District Early Years Project


Picture: Rosie with Jennie Thompson from CDEYP

Rosie has a special connection with the Canterbury & District Early Years Project (CDEYP), having worked for the charity when she first moved to the area. Rosie was amazed by the progress the CDEYP has made in the last few years, and the incredible service that is provided by Jennie and her team. The CDEYP is warm, welcoming, and non-judgemental, offering a wide range of services from parenting support programmes, play sessions, short courses, family events, and much more to promote strong family relationships and positive outcomes for children. Rosie was pleased to accept an invitation for a second visit, and looks forward to supporting the charity further.