Campaigning (3)

About Me

I grew up in central London but have lived and worked in Canterbury for 20 years, so I feel totally at home here. My two sons were born at the Kent & Canterbury Hospital. I’ve worked as a Teaching Assistant in local schools, and with local charities, churches, parents’ groups, arts events and schools in the area.

As a working single parent, I know the impact of drastic cuts on this area from my own experience. I really understand what life is like for those who need Tax Credits, benefits and decent housing. And I believe we should fight to make life better for our whole community, including those who fall on hard times, the homeless, refugees, people with disabilities, pensioners and families struggling to cope with the soaring cost of living.

Prior to being elected to Parliament I was Chair of the Canterbury branch of the Labour Party and its representative on local cross-party forums such as Canterbury4Europe, Amnesty’s Canterbury & District Human Rights Network, Kent Anti-Racist Network and the Canterbury Clean Air Group. 

I was very proud to have been chosen as one of the first Labour women for the Jo Cox ‘Women in Leadership’ scheme in 2016 and have worked with and campaigned for the WASPI women and 50:50 Parliament.

My priorities in parliament

I’m determined to be a strong voice for everyone in Canterbury, Whitstable and the villages, whether or not they voted for me. I will campaign on the issues that matter most to you. My priorities in parliament are:

  1. Reinstating key services at the Kent and Canterbury hospital and fighting for stronger, safer local healthcare provision.
  2. Stopping the erosion of public services in Whitstable and keeping the high street a varied, diverse and functioning micro-economy.
  3. Working with local charities and services to help the homeless in the area and reduce rough sleeping on our streets.
  4. Working to mitigate the impact of Brexit on the local economy.
  5. Looking to support and suggest strategies to improve the poor environmental air quality in some parts of the constituency.