Firstly, I did not vote for the PM’s deal: Well over 2000 constituents have written to me and I am sorry if this is a disappointment to you, but bear with me and please let me explain. I did not vote for the PM’s deal because I do not believe it was in the best interests of the people of Canterbury, Whitstable, the local villages or for the UK as a whole.

I do not believe that any Government should take a decision that, when confronted with the evidence, would be wilfully choosing to make its people poorer. That is why in the EU referendum, I voted for the remain option. This is a decision I would still take given what we now know.

Further to this, since I was elected to Parliament in the 2017 General Election, I have continually voted for the UK to retain as close as possible alignment with the EU, in terms of both the customs union and the single market. I voted for defeated amendments earlier in the year that sought to keep us in the EEA. I did this because I believed it to be the right thing to do and I will continue support any opportunity that sees the UK retain strong and close alignment with the EU’s single market and customs union.

Furthermore, I did not accept the Prime Minister’s characterisation that the recent vote was a choice between her deal or the chaos and uncertainty of no deal. This is spin and real project fear tactics.

In the weeks to come, I will be seeking to support any motion or any amendment that may come forward calling for a People’s Vote. I have always supported and championed the idea of a People’s Vote and with well over 50% of this constituency voting to remain (the district result – 51% to Leave – which included the Herne Bay return does not reflect the remain intention of the people of the parliamentary constituency I have been elected to represent). I also voted for the ‘no confidence’ motion against Theresa May and her shambles of a government. I continue to have no confidence in the government, unless they can deliver a much stronger alignment with the EU’s regulations, trade and freedom of movement and agree this via amendments.

I am very clear that as we go forward, I will always act to best protect the interests of my constituents, and I believe that this means ensuring that the UK retains a close relationship with the EU and taking every step possible to prevent no deal.