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Happy Birthday NHS

Today was the 69th anniversary of the National Health Service. It’s Labour’s greatest achievement and the flagship of the values our Party was based upon, providing free universal health care at point-of-use.

The NHS isn’t just important, it’s an essential part of our healthy society. But the cuts, privatisation and the public sector pay cap means our public health service is facing the worst crisis of its history under the Tories. Our Kent and Canterbury hospital is struggling to recruit the necessary staff, and people have real concerns that the temporary transfer of some services to other hospitals will be permanent. The people of Canterbury deserve better.

I won this election standing on a platform that said our nurses should get the pay they deserve, that our NHS should get the funding it so desperately needs, and to stop the cuts and closures at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital. This hasn’t changed and I and the other MPs in the Labour Party will continue to fight for what the residents of Canterbury, Whitstable and the surrounding villages need: a properly funded social and health care system that works for the many, providing first-class care for everyone that needs it.

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