One of the great things about elections is that everyone’s vote is equal but we know that many people fail to use their vote because they find the process complicated. In 2015, as many as a third of people registered to vote didn’t.  People living in Canterbury, Whitstable and the surrounding villages go to the polls to elect representatives at a local, county and national level. To help you prepare I’ve got some important dates for you to remember.

  1.  The next general election will take place in May 2022  to elect your national member of Parliament. Your MP spends their time fighting for your interests; they attend debates, and scrutinise and vote on legislation taken through the House of Commons. They have a role in shaping our laws and can use their position to ask government ministers to respond to current issues.
  2. City Council elections will take place in May 2019. At these elections you will elect ward councillors for Canterbury City Council. The city council has responsibility for housing, planning, licensing, refuse collection and environmental health.
  3. County Council elections will take place in May 2021. At these elections you will elect county councillors to Kent County Council. The county council has responsibility for education, social services, roads, libraries and economic development.
  4. The election for Kent Police and Crime Commissioner will take place in May 2020.

For more information on voter registration please read the website of the Electoral Commission . The way that voters are registered has changed, so make sure you’re registered.

Please use the following links to also help you find out:

For simple introductory guides to voting or the work of MPs, please see Whitstable- based Simple Politics  or the Parliamentary Education Service