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Canterbury’s Labour MP Rosie Duffield has this week been appointed onto the House of Commons Select Committee for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

UK Parliament has this week re-constituted the 11 Select Committees charged with scrutinising the work of government departments.

Commenting on the appointment, Rosie said;

“As we work our way through this Brexit transition period, there are going the be significant amounts of legislation going through Parliament relating to the environmental safeguards and food standards that have developed over the years through our membership of the EU.

The role of the EFRA Committee will be key to Parliament’s scrutiny of the Government’s work in this area and I’m looking forward to using this role to build links with the many businesses in my constituency that are based in the agriculture sector.”

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRA) is appointed by the House of Commons to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and its associated public bodies

The Committee chooses its own subjects of inquiry on environmental, agricultural subjects.  Depending on the subject, external deadlines, and the amount of oral evidence the Committee decides to take, an inquiry may last for several months and give rise to a report to the House; other inquiries may simply consist of a single day’s oral evidence which the Committee may publish without making a report.

Rosie stands in Wincheap
Rosie at Wincheap Water Meadows

By Rosie Duffield MP / Press Releases / 0 Comments

United by core values – including openness, tolerance, democracy and opportunity – the More United Network aims to heal divisions and encourage collaborative politics.

Rosie Duffield and 64 MPs join More United Network to launch fight against tribalism in politics’ MPs from six different parties met together for the first time since the election in Westminster today with an aim to fight extremism and tribalism in politics by collaborating on key issues in the national interest.

Rosie Duffield MP said:
“I am proud to be a part of More United, a cross-party movement making politics less extreme and less tribal. If we want to heal a divided Britain, politicians must work across party lines to come together beyond the election and put the national interest first to move the country forward.

The General Election might have been fought on tribal lines, but our Network offers real hope of change, encouraging cross-party collaboration, pushing back against extremism. If this kind of system was needed before, it is utterly essential today.”