Rosie writes to people across the world whose basic human rights are being attacked
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Rosie Writes for Rights with Amnesty

On Saturday 26th November, Rosie spent time with Amnesty International in Canterbury, writing letters of support to people around the world who have suffered injustice. It was part of Amnesty’s Write for Rights campaign, which is held in November-December each year. The campaign asks people to write to prisoners and others who are serving sentences and suffering injustice at the hands of the legal system for standing up for human rights.

The campaign has been hugely successful around the world and has resulted in several prisoners being freed. Last year, among others, journalist Muhammad Bekzhanov was freed after 17 years behind bars. This came after hundreds of thousands of people worldwide wrote letters through Amnesty, calling for his freedom.

One of Rosie’s letters was to Minhaz Mannan Emon, who is fighting for justice after his brother Xulhaz was killed for standing up for LGBTQ+ rights in Bangladesh. Rosie wanted to assure Minhaz and his family that we support them in their fight for justice.

You can read more about Xulhaz here:

Rosie also wrote to Azza Soliman, a women’s rights lawyer who faces imprisonment in Egypt. Despite Azza dedicating her life to defending victims of torture, domestic abuse, and rape, authorities have labelled her a ‘spy’ after construing her brave work as a threat to national security. Rosie wanted to thank Azza for all her efforts, and remind her that she is not alone.

You can read more about Azza here:

Women's right defender, Azza Soliman
Women's right defender, Azza Soliman

Rosie was pleased to join in with this impactful campaign, and encourages others to take part. You can do so by visiting:

Here you’ll find the details of this year’s cases, as well as information on where to send your letters and what information to include. You can also request materials.

Rosie's letter to Women's Rights Defender Azza Soliman. Whose human rights are being attacked.