Campaigning (1)

As your MP I will be spending my time in the Canterbury constituency, to find out what your concerns are and how I can help you, and the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, where I will represent you and fight for your interests whether you voted for me or not.

The work of an MP

As your representative in Parliament, I will be able to raise issues that concern you on the floor of the House of Commons. Not many people realise that as an MP I can only raise matters that you have asked me to take to Parliament. So you really do have the power to change things!

I can also:

  • question ministers from different Departments on your behalf;
  • scrutinise and vote on laws being put through Parliament;
  • speak in debates;
  • sign Early Day Motions – which are a bit like House of Commons petitions – on issues you care about;
  • present a Private Member’s Bill;
  • request a debate in Parliament.

My work in the Constituency

My time in the constituency is largely limited to Friday and the weekends as parliament largely sits mid week. When in the constituency I will be based at our constituency office in Canterbury and making efforts to visit Whitstable and the surrounding villages for events and surgeries.

If you have limited mobility I will make all efforts I can to come to see you near or in your home.

In the constituency my work is largely limited to:

I will also be out and about, knocking on doors (you have been warned!).