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#GE2019 – A note of thanks from Rosie

Thank you so much to everyone. I am thrilled beyond words to be your MP again

There are so very many people involved in any election campaign – my wonderful office team, our two local Labour Party (CLP) branches, and the thousands of fantastic volunteers (local activists and visiting friends from all over the UK and the EU). We all wore out our shoes and boots, braved the rain and kept adding more layers as the campaign progressed. Delivering leaflets, knocking on doors, making phone calls, etc.

But during this campaign, I also had a whole new bunch of friends – a coalition of supporters from across the range of other political parties. The Green Party stood down and put their trust in me to fight the climate emergency and local environmental issues; the Liberal Democrats’ first choice of candidate stood down too as we agreed completely that a hard Boris/Tory Brexit would be a disaster for Kent; I even had ‘Tories for Rosie’ who agreed that this PM does not represent their more moderate or ‘one nation’ Conserva  tive values.

These friends formed the ‘Canterbury For Rosie’ group along with ‘Remainers For Rosie’ and held street stalls, made badges and videos and ran a brilliant campaign of support. A bunch of incredibly kind and passionate local people.

So, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart to the very best constituency in the country 😊 xxxxxxx