People get in touch with me to let me know what they feel about issues in the news, government policies and what they want Labour to do about them.

People also get in touch with me because they are having problems with benefits, housing, jobs, consumer services, gas, water and energy suppliers, immigration, anti-social behaviour, street cleanliness, schools and much more besides.

On your behalf I can:

  • contact and service providers can quickly work with you to solve a problem.
  • use the experience of others to provide you with the information or advice you need to solve the problem yourself
  • put you in touch with councillors, or other organisations that are better placed to support you

Whatever your query I promise you a friendly welcome and a quick reply from myself and my staff. I can’t guarantee to solve every problem, but I can promise to do our very best to work with you to find a solution.

I hold surgeries in Whitstable and Canterbury once a fortnight where we can discuss your concerns, but my team are on hand all week and may be able to sort out what you need over the phone. To help us best resolve your problem please fill out the form below.

Get in touch

Getting help
If it is discovered you live in a neighbourhing constituency, your enquiry may be passed on to your MP.
Please outline details of why you want a meeting. When you need help with an ongoing issue please detail who you have spoken to and what response you have recieved
Please use this section to upload any scanned copies of letters or documents which may relate to your case